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Home > For Rent > LAKE VIEW FARM Homestay Port Dickson (7N0087)
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LAKE VIEW FARM Homestay Port Dickson (7N0087)
Posted by : Puan Anuthara | Nov 06, 2018
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Welcome To LAKE VIEW FARM Homestay Port Dickson
Port Dickson is a town on Malaysia’s west coast, south of Kuala Lumpur. Beaches dot the coastline running south toward Tanjung Tuan, a wildlife reserve and birdwatching spot with a 16th-century lighthouse. East of the reserve is Fort Kempas, with a 14th- or 15th-century sacred Islamic tomb and several megaliths. Lukut Museum, northeast of Port Dickson, has exhibits about the area’s history from the early 1800s. Negeri Sembilan is a Malaysian state on the Malay Peninsula’s southwest coast, known for its beaches, nature parks and palaces.

Sebarang pertanyaan dan tempahan sla hubungi:
Puan Anuthara A/P Krishasamy: 6012-9770241

Kemudahan LAKE VIEW FARM Homestay Port Dickson
[+] 4 airconditioned rooms with attached bathrooms (with water heater).
[+] Each rooms is furnished with a queen sized bed and a double-decker bed.
[+] Each room shall be able to accommodate 4 persons (2 adults and 2 children)
[+] Kitchen equipped with storage and cooking facilities including a refrigerator, a gas stove, a microwave, an electric kettle, cups, kuali, pots, cutleries, plates and bowls
[+] Dining area furnished with 8 seater table
[+] Open concept of a living room area furnished with 2 sofa sets and coffee tables
[+] Indoor game sets, board games and Mini Library
[+] A large BBQ pit is available (at a fee) for the use of the guests. Guest may request from the staff of LVF the BBQ grill, rotisserie and BBQ equipment. Charcoal shall be also be provided
[+] Guest may purchase the products/livestock at the prevailing farm prices
[+] Catering for BBQ can be organized upon request. The request will have to be made at least 7 days prior.
[+] Boating facilities
[+] Fishing facilities
[+] Animal feeding
[+] Camping facilities
[+] Seasonal fruits

Lokasi Berdekatan LAKE VIEW FARM Homestay Port Dickson
[+] 10km from Port Dickson Town
[+] 2km-5km of the Farm: Minimarket, Kopitiam, Restaurant,Giant Hypermarket, Old Town White Coffee, SPA, Laundry, Bank Rakyat, 7Eleven, Cafe, Central Market, Chinese, India and Malay Restaurant, Medical Clinic

Maklumat Tambahan LAKE VIEW FARM Homestay Port Dickson
[+] Facebook: LAKEVIEW FARM
[+] Harga hari minggu: RM850
[+] Harga Hujung minggu / Cuti: RM1K

Sebarang pertanyaan dan tempahan sla hubungi:
Puan Anuthara A/P Krishasamy: 6012-9770241

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